Dear Friends

In light of the current restrictions placed on us all by the Corvid-19 pandemic the Church of England, along with all other churches has regretfully had to suspend public worship. Unfortunately these restrictions will also apply to weddings, baptism and funerals. We are deeply sorry about this – especially as we are very aware of the months of preparation that go into planning a wedding or baptism. 

Please be assured that if you have already paid for a wedding in one of the benefice churches you will receive a full refund. We will also be delighted to welcome you back to plan for your celebration as soon as the current crisis has passed.

Funerals will also be restricted because of the social distancing advice and the need to protect vulnerable groups. We currently are able to offer short services for immediate family at crematoria or directly at the graveside in the case of burials. We are very aware of the distress this may cause family and friends unable to attend the funeral of a loved one. We will do our best to offer Memorial Services, where this is appropriate, once we are free of the present restrictions, and subject to availability.

Copies of the Practical Guidance applying to weddings, baptism and funerals can viewed by clicking on the appropriate link below.