Rogation Sunday

Rogation Sunday IMG


Rogation is a time when Christians traditionally walk around their village to give thanks to God and to ask Him to protect them.

Our Benefice has traditionally celebrated Rogation Sunday.

Many years ago I recall the congregation of St. Mary’s church walking around the late Mr. Lister’s farm, thanking God for the work of the local farmers. More recently we have walked around the village of Haddlesey, and last year we celebrated Rogation in Beal with our Birkin friends, by walking from farm to farm. As we walk Reverend Anna blesses the crops of the field and all farm animals. We acknowledge the importance of water, the soil, grass and flowers, and all of God’s creatures. We give thanks for the work of the farmer and all those who toil for us. We give thanks for our village lives as we pass schools, fields, shops, pubs, the village hall and gardens. We remember those who have died as we pass cemeteries and as we stand before memorials.

This year, May 21 , at 11 o’clock we will have our own Rogation Service walk, starting at St Mary’s Church, Hambleton. We will walk along Gateforth Lane, Westcroft Lane, Chapel Street, Station Road, and return to Church. There will be numerous brief stopping points, so we can celebrate our village life and give thanks to God.

The walk will be about a mile and a half long, but anyone wishing to drive can do so and join us at the stopping points.

If it is pouring with rain, we will have a ‘virtual’ Rogation tour in church with the same prayers and blessings.

Our service will conclude with tea/coffee and cakes to boost our energy levels after the walk!

Janys Cliff

Almighty God, 

bless all those who work on land and sea,
that we may share a good harvest.
You have so ordered our life that we are dependent on one another; ensure that those who are engaged in commerce and industry prosper through their hard work.
Bless all human labour:
Make us wise and faithful stewards of your gifts
so we may fairly share the good things you pour upon us.