Flower Festival – Programme of Displays

  1. Porch. Pedestal by Elaine Stelling
  2. Alcove to left of door. TOC H by the Hambleton Luncheon Club
  3. Family Remembrance by Liz Sleight
  4. Left of Font. Presentation by Hambleton Historical Society [HHRAA]
  5. Font. Symbol of the White Poppy by Christine Harvey
  6. Right of Font. Nursing in the War by Sue Beevers
  7. Waiting by Linda Ingall
  8. War Memorial and Information by HHRAA
  9. Hambleton School. Flowers by Caroline Shaw and Janys Cliff. Display by Pupils.
  10. Pulpit. Patriotism by Joy Tuck
  11. In Flanders Field by Brenda Stripe
  12. Star Shell by Karen Trewartha
  13. Family Remembrances by Dennis and Joyce White
  14. The Anson Story and Window Decoration by Pat Parker – Methodist Chapel
  15. War Heroes by Sue Beevers
  16. The War Horse by Christine Harvey and the horse by Collette Cullen
  17. In Flanders Field by Sylvia Thompson
  18. A War Wedding by Sue Beevers
  19. War Remembrance by Margaret Palmer – Hambleton Wednesday Club
  20. The Pillars decorated by Anthea, Dorothy and Hazel of the Luncheon Club
  21. Various decorations by Elaine Stelling, Sue Beevers and Brenda Stripe.
  22. Falling Poppies – by kind permission of the UK Parliament