Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – What we are doing

[Last updated: Monday 9th August 2021]

We are being Guided by The Church of England which is examining the latest advice from Government and Public Health England and we will update our website as is necessary.

Face Coverings

Following the lifting of most of COVID-19 regulations and as we consider how we respond to the removal of those restrictions, we are mindful of the words of The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, who chairs the Church of England’s Recovery Group:

Many will welcome the possibilities now before us, not least increased numbers at life events and a long awaited return of congregational and amateur choir singing.

However, this is a difficult point in the course of the pandemic. Despite vaccination rates, cases are up, hospital admissions are up and long covid remains an ongoing concern. Therefore our approach needs to be cautious and careful. 

Taking personal responsibility means responsibility for our neighbour, not just for ourselves, and taking precautions to protect those more vulnerable than we consider ourselves to be.

Therefore, for the time being, we ask that face coverings continue to be worn when entering the church and moving around within it.  Also when engaging with others whilst respecting social distancing they may feel they need.  Face coverings may be removed whilst seated and to receive Holy Communion.

St Mary’s is pleased to welcome you to our regular worship on Sundays. We hope you will wish to respect our continuing efforts to keep all who visit us safe. 

When preparing our building for re-opening we  undertook risk assessments in accordance with Guidance issued to us by The Church of England.  We will continue to review and assess for so long as the pandemic continues. Copies of the relevant documents are available here.  We are required to reconsider our assessments after each use of the building and therefore it may be that the assessment will change.   Whilst we are no longer required to keep records of visitors to assist NHS Trace and Track it will remain possible to register your attendance using the NHS Covid-19 App. The relevant Data Protection COVID-19 Privacy Notice is also available through the link.

Please click here to see the latest advice from the Church of England.

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