An experience to share

Friday 20th March 2020 – 10am

As we all deal with the necessary changes to the way we must live for the months to come and the implications of  ‘Social distancing‘; for the first time in five days I walked, ever conscious of the advice with which we all should comply.  I took my camera; in truth I’m not certain why.   As I stood looking around and at the village and community in which I have lived for over 35 years, I understood.

My camera provided the means and LiveLent the quiet peace of mind.

For years The Hough was covered in Scots Pines and Larch – a ‘wooded mound’ perched at the bottom of the Vale of York.  They were cut down to be replaced by native broadleaf trees of past times. Now planted in great numbers tips of green are beginning to appear as nature springs eternal.  As they grow, so the view will diminish and change.

Please enjoy my view from the top of Hambleton Hough and click here to watch the video on YouTube.