COVID-19 – Changes at St. Mary’s

Dear all

Service – St Mary’s, Hambleton 19th July at 3.30pm

Welcome to this service which will be led by Janys Cliff.

At present we have set a limit of 30 in church at any event. That may change in future according to our experience and in line with our risk assessments. But on Sunday we will be sticking strictly to 30 and we will refuse entry to avoid exceeding that number.

There has been so much written about what you can, should and should not do going out after lock down that we thought you should know what to expect when you come to Church.

You will be welcomed at the door, asked to wash your hands and taken to your seat. All our seats are marked out to give a safe distance as you sit down. You will be given a service sheet which is yours to take home.

We ask you to keep your distance when queueing and to wait in your seat at the end of the service to be shown out. Both on entry and leaving you will be asked to sanitize your hands. Our sidesmen (women) have a difficult task please help them by doing what they ask.

All this will mean that probably you will have to queue, so please keep your distance. You may prefer to wear a face mask but at present this is optional. This may change according to government policy but certainly until you are seated we would prefer you to wear one.

We look forward to seeing you. We attach permission for us to keep certain details as we are required to do on all the attendees at our services, at this time. Please  Click here  to read or print the document.   It would assist us greatly if you would please bring a completed and signed copy to Church.  We will have spares to complete in Church if necessary.

We will be keeping the main door and the one at the altar end of church open during the service to allow suitable ventilation. So warmer clothing may be advisable.

We look forward to seeing you and ask you to understand that we are thinking of your safety.

Our Love and thoughts are with you Janys, Linda, David and David

We will be publishing the Risk Assessments which have been undertaken shortly and this page will then be updated.

You may find the plan below helpful:  Please Click here if you wish to print a copy


COVID-19 - Use of Building 13-07-2020