COVID-19 Risk Assessment and other documents

Face Coverings

Following Government Advice and subsequent advice from the Church of England members of the congregation will be required to wear face coverings whilst present within the church building. Face coverings may only be removed to receive Holy Communion.

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Posting for Service on 19th July 2020

Parish Risk Assessment conducted 6th July 2020 last updated 12 October 2020

Supplemental Risk Assessment – End of Year School Leavers Service

[NOTE:  The above Risk Assessment is for the proposed Service and no other reason]

St Mary’s – COVID-19 Use of Building annotated plan

[The above Use of Building annoted plan MUST BE READ in conjunction with the UPDATED RISK ASSESSMENT in so far as the Assessment refers to the Plan]

Test and Trace data collection consent template

COVID 19 Test and Trace Privacy Notice

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