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Flower Festival Photographs

The Flower Festival has finished.  We could not let the memory of it fade into the mists of time after so much effort from our arrangers and helpers who have worked so hard to remind us all of the sacrifices of the combatants and also of those left waiting at home during the ‘Great War‘.

Photographs of the festival are available via this page – they may be viewed as a Gallery or by selection from the Programme of Displays. They will open in a new tab in your browser.

For some displays there is more than one photograph – in such cases ‘clicking’ on any one  will allow a scrollable gallery and for each to be viewed full size. Using your browser ‘back‘ button will allow you to return to this page.

View as a Gallery              View from Programme of Displays

30th August 2018 – we received this message today:

Thank you for a wonderful festival, for the beautiful Blooms and the lovely memories, peace and harmony and most of all for the wonderful friendships. Please show my photographs. I hope your enjoy them”

We are delighted to do as asked and now add A View by Colette Cullen to the Photographs which may be viewed here.

WW1 Memorial

In November 2016 John Parker presented to us a copy of his book “WW1 Memorial, Hambleton” which is “dedicated to all those local men who went to fight ‘For King and Country’ between 1914 and 1918 but particularly the eleven who did not return”.

By kind permission of the Author, a black and white copy of this colour publication is available to view using the following links:

Introduction and acknowledgements

The Eleven:

  1. Second Lieutenant Harris Hartas Anson
  2. Private 14382 Percy Bainbridge
  3. Gunner 781216 Harry Burgess Darnbrough
  4. Lance Corporal 58617 Alvey Jagger
  5. Private 14657 David Johnston
  6. Private 14388 William Newstead Middleton
  7. Driver 25120 Harry Newby
  8. Private 25491 Charles Norton
  9. Private 9999 Thomas Parker
  10. Private 14658 Henry Render
  11. Gunner 106866 Oliver Scatchard


For a colour photograph of the ‘Anson Window’